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The Stronghold “A $100Million Token gated Network”

Strongholds mission is to enhance the versions of existing membership models

What is Stronghold?

Stronghold is a community-based platform that is also built to serve other communities, providing a platform for the free-minded. The business model is centered around a subscription-based service that leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to provide unique access and benefits to subscribers.
As a community-based business, Stronghold is focused on building strong relationships with the communities it serves. It seeks to understand the needs and priorities of these communities, and to provide a platform that meets their unique needs. The subscription-based model is a key component of the Stronghold business model. Subscribers gain access to exclusive content, tools, and benefits that are not available to non-subscribers. The use of NFTs adds a layer of uniqueness and scarcity to the subscription model, creating a sense of value and exclusivity for subscribers.
The platform itself is designed for the free-minded, providing a space where individuals can express themselves, connect with like-minded people, and explore new ideas. It is a place where creativity, innovation, and community intersect.
Overall, the Stronghold business model is focused on creating a platform for communities to connect, collaborate, and grow. It is a unique and innovative approach that leverages the power of NFTs to provide a truly valuable and exclusive experience for subscribers.
It provides value for an online community network driven by the $STRH Token and NFT technology. It functions as a digital V.I.P. lounge for specific entrepreneurs consisting of a prolific network of people with a representative total net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. It produces an unmatched level of success among members that understand Stronghold's distinct culture.
The platform comprises a broad range of experts in many industries worldwide. These men have various starting points, educational backgrounds, mentors, and levels of success. Everything you need is under one roof. The community will save you time by providing all the knowledge and resources for self-improvement.
Discover various business fields—real estate, e-commerce, finance, stocks, and cryptocurrency—as well as other ways to generate wealth. Organize IRL events within your group and get them funded by the Treasury.
As a member and holder of the NFT you will connect with exdroanairy and like-minded businessmen. Men that already work on the frontier edges of Web3 or other offline business segments.
The project is still in development
How to use it?
It would help if you held an NFT to get started in the community channels. Telegram / Discord
You need to hold X to mint the cards (sign up here)
Each card comes with different traits or perks
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