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To apply for the Founders and DonJon NFT, you'll need to share some information about yourself and what your value means to the community.


  • After you apply, a committee of current Stronghold members will review new applications on a rolling basis.
  • Join the Stronghold Discord server immediately after applying and open your DMs beyond “friends only.” Once we've reviewed your application, we'll use this to get in touch. (After you hear from us, we recommend closing your DMs.)


    • Stronghold encourages applications from under-represented communities and prioritizes creative thinkers, doers, and those already involved in a specific business (or Web3-related) ecosystem. Make it clear if this is you.
    • While sharing your professional background is an important part of the application process, it is not the only thing we are interested in. Similarly, we'd prefer to learn about your personal interests and passions rather than read your entire CV.
    • As you answer each question, pretend you're writing to a friend instead of writing a long-winded dissertation. Three to five sentences per question should be plenty of information for us, but if we need to know more, we may ask you to resubmit your application more elaborately.
    • If you are referred, kindly let us know and let them know you’re applying. A referral goes a long way, and you’ll be given a chance to include their name and Discord ID on your application.
    • While including links to your personal website and Twitter and Instagram handles is not required, it is recommended, as these can help us better understand who you are and what you're into.
    • Anonymous and pseudonymous applications have a much higher rejection rate. Where possible, please include your real information.
Link to form here